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You had your baby, congratulations! You took the birthing classes and read the pregnancy books, but now you wonder if you know anything about your actual baby?! No worries, we can help you with that because we have been there as well! Now let's break it down for you into a few categories to make it easier to reference.


  • Clothes For Sleeping 
  • Clothes For Outings
  • Essentials 
  • Clothing Pitfalls 
  • Always Check With Your Pediatrician  


Clothes For Sleeping 

Sleep for a newborn is essential! (If not just to give mom or the caretaker time to sleep as well.) Setting the right tone for your newborn to sleep is vital. Making sure your newborn has the proper attire for sleep can go a long way in helping them get comfortable and be safe.

As far as materials go, try to stick with soft cotton and natural materials since baby skin is very sensitive. Always check for rough tags and scratchy fabrics as well. Since your newborn is unable to complain about these issues, it is best to eliminate them beforehand. Keep in mind no strings or ties and nothing on or around your baby's head. Try for fitted clothing which will keep your baby safe and warm. Shoot to keep the nursery or area your baby is sleeping between 68 - 72 degrees and dress in one to two layers. Keeping your newborn warm but not hot is what we are aiming for overall. Make sure to focus on function over style - unless you can do both! Having clothing that is easy to access is essential for the midnight feeds and diaper changes. Personally, I would rule out buttons if possible! 


Clothes For Outings 

Now for the fun and functional section of your baby's wardrobe. If you take your baby out, try to dress them as you would yourself, plus one layer. I like to keep an extra blanket in my bag, or even a muslin swaddle blanket just in case the weather changes or we are in the shade. Bring a washcloth in your bag for feedings and a nursing cover if that makes you more comfortable. Functional clothing can be cute! Just make sure to always pack an extra outfit (or two) in your bag for the inevitable blowout.



Baby clothes that are essential for every nursery are bodysuits, onesies, and layers. Bodysuits and onesies are pretty much the same: a base layer with buttons on the bottom near the diaper. These are perfect for easy diaper changes, and most of them have flip-down shoulders, so you don't have to move a soiled onesie over the baby's head (genius!). These items come in every color, and you really can't have enough of them. Bodysuits and onesies make for great gifts for any expecting mom as well since babies grow out of them so quickly. 


Clothing Pitfalls 

We will all go through trying to yank a shirt over a baby's head that just won't fit or pull down a onesie just to realize it no longer snaps together because of your baby's recent growth spurt. As long as we check for loose threads, keep our baby at a reasonable temperature, don't put them in the car seat with their coats on, and generally keep an eye out for other mishaps, it will all work out in the end. The newborn phase does not last very long and neither do the baby clothes! 


Always Check With Your Pediatrician 

Always check with your pediatrician for guidance on your own baby's temperature and safety regarding sleep. Everything we mentioned in this post is the information we have gathered through our time as mothers, not as advice from a medical professional. Keep in mind the guidelines can change from time to time.  


Mothering isn't intended to be a one-person job, and we are happy to be a part of your community. Please reach out to us and let us know what topics you would like to have discussed here! We love to hear from you all and make sure to check back for more information coming soon.