Cool Kids Club Coloring Pages (FREE)


 Cool Kids Club Welcome Packet includes 17 coloring pages representing all things The Cool Kids Club stands for: kindness, inclusivity and confidence. This welcome packet gets you and your tiny human(s) familiar with and initiated into the Club with rules and pretty awesome coloring pages with empowering thoughts and messages. 

17 Coloring Pages in the Welcome Packet:

  • Cool Kids Club, All Are Welcome Sign
  • Cool Kids Club Rules
  • Affirmation Writing Practice sheet
  • Mindful Morning Checklist
  • Kindness Matters
  • Kiss Your Brain
  • Play Butterflies, color/cut/play activity
  • Don't Be Afraid To Do Your Own Thing
  • Robot High-Fives
  • The Most Beautiful Thing You Can Be 
  • Ice Cream
  • Declaration of Independence, writing practice sheet
  • Honey Bee Fun Facts
  • Loved
  • Wild Alphabet
  • Dream Truck 
  • You Make Me Feel Happy