for kids to rock their best selves

Self love challenge

A 7-day, advent-style challenge for kids ages 2-8.

Mixing creativity with affirmations and giving our mirrored reflections a big high five.

Challenge starts on:

Wednesday, February 7th

and ends

Wednesday February 14th

What's inside

7 days of coloring pages with daily tasks to kick off a routine of incorporating affirmations and practices of self love.

Each morning as you make and eat breakfast, your child will color the days coloring page.

After brushing teeth, have your child stay in the mirror to do the challenge task. Every day has some sort of affirmation or positive thing to say about themselves, followed by a high five.

If they can reach the mirror to physically high five their reflection, that’s the best! They can also air high five or slap their hand. The science and research behind high fives is powerful so I highly encourage them physically high five their reflections!