GRATEFUL - Thanksgiving Edition


Teach your Tiny Human all about gratitude with this GRATEFUL activity page.  There's so much to learn and do with this free coloring page:

LETTERS: wherever their skill level lies, you and your Tiny Human can practice learning each letter, trace each letter, or learn how to put each letter together to form the word.  

COLORING: have your Tiny Human color in the surrounding leaves and letters.

DRAWING: let your Tiny Human express gratitude by encouraging them to draw a picture of someone/something they are grateful for; they can draw themselves with their family, best friend, grandparents, pets, etc. 

SEND A LETTER: use the open middle area to send a letter to a loved one. 

Snap a photo of your Tiny Human drawing and tag us on Instagram @tinyhumanprintco - we love seeing all your stories!