Little Grom On The Way Baby Shower Invitation

Celebrate a little surfer baby on the way with our Little Grom On The Way baby shower invitation.  A trending checkered background available in black and white or multicolor.

Little Surfer Collection: These invitations are designed from our Little Surfer art print collection to cohesively combine the shower theme into the baby nursery. Display any of the collection art prints at the shower and gift the expecting mama-to-be for her to hang in her nursery room in remembrance of her special day.  

Talk about the art on the wall: We believe in daily empowerment.  All of our artwork is designed to empower, educate and celebrate the next generation of human beings. Mental wellness starts in our homes, our childhood, and from the parent-child connection. We believe that talking about the art on the walls with your child helps to spark conversation around empowering messages and serve as a daily discussion around self-confidence and the ability to achieve anything, and what it means to be a kind human being.