Tiny Human print co. Simple art prints for extraordinary tiny humans for nursery rooms kids bedrooms and playrooms. contemporary and modern art prints


Tiny Human Print Company LLC, curates contemporary designs to inspire a child’s playful spirit and welcome a simple life made together. All product designs are influenced by sweet moments between a mother and child, provided on quality materials and a passion for supporting a village of ambitious mothers. 


 Tiny human print co owner Ashlee Kinsella. Simple Prints for extraordinary tiny humans. mom owned business. women business owner

The birth story of Tiny Human Print Co. 

At one-years old,  my son repeatedly called me the name of his daycare teacher by mistake.  I was heartbroken accepting the fact that his daycare teacher spent more time with him than I did, all for a full time job I really disliked doing.

When everyone came home from the day, it was a rush to make dinner, a rush to get in and out of the bath so that we can cuddle up for a few quick bedtime stories and have the lights off at a reasonable bedtime hour.  There was hardly any time to visit with each other and our energy was zapped. 

I am a proud mother to three children, and my children will always come first and foremost.  I set out to create Tiny Human Print Co. to merge my love of art with empowering my children and to create a life of flexibility to be with my children.

Tiny Human Print Company LLC was born August 1, 2019 and we celebrate it's birthday as if it were a real child, because it is.


About us Tiny Human Print Co. Family and children


Our Community 

We believe it takes a village to raise children and blossom into motherhood. The journey of motherhood isn’t always easy, but it is undeniably fulfilling and beautiful. Women often get lost in the role of motherhood, putting children and home ahead of their own desires and passions.  

We are here to clink a glass with all mothers to remind them that balance is possible. We are more than mothers. We are more than partners.  We are ambitious women who express our own individuality, purpose, and drive.

Together we can be the example of strong, perfectly imperfect mothers, embracing the chaos of motherhood with humor, grace and gratitude.


We’ll be mothers and brag about our baby for a minute: 

Tiny Human Print Co. was invited to be in British Vogue Magazine, Vogue Little Lambs, April 2020