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The foundation for self esteem and confidence starts to build at in late infancy/early toddlerhood, and Tiny Human Print Co. believes in building that foundation at the earliest age possible.

Research shows that if we say, hear or read something often enough, then we'll believe it.

Tiny Human Print Co. focuses on affirmations, positive statements, and artwork for baby nursery rooms, kids bedrooms, and playrooms to inspire children to be their best, most authentic selves.

       Affirmation Pencils for Kids kindness matters canvas banner in kids playroom Dont be afraid to do your own thing - lunchbox love note from parents to kids City pride art print collection for baby nursery room


    5% of every purchase supports children's literacy and empowerment charities. 

    The charity we are currently supporting is: Sit Stay Read, in our hometown of Chicago, Illinois. 

    Sit Stay Read is a non-profit organization that uses engaging curriculum, trained volunteers and Certified Reading Assistance Dogs to advance the literacy skills of kindergarten through third-grade students in the city of Chicago. 

    Click here to learn more about Sit Stay Read


    The goal is to be the go-to brand for kids empowerment

    What started out as art prints and wall hangings expanded into textile designs for a complete nursery room, kids bedroom or playroom theme.

    As the brand continues to expand, Tiny Human Print Co.'s ultimate goal is to be the go-to brand for children's empowerment in room décor, clothing, accessories and stationery.


    The Ultimate Human Superpower: Self-confidence

    Anxiety and depression is hitting our children at younger and younger ages. Tiny Human Print Co. believes that the ultimate human superpower is authentic self-confidence and that it's never too early to start talking with children about their mental health and what it means to be a complex, yet beautiful human being.



    Ashlee Kinsella owner of Tiny Human Print Co.

    Tiny Human Print Co. was born on August 1, 2019 in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, after my son kept calling me the name of his daycare teacher instead of "mommy." What started out as a way to create freedom to balance motherhood quickly turned into a passion for empowering children to believe in themselves, enjoy learning, and to be kind to one another.


    The Balance

    As a mom of three, I believe it takes a village to raise children and blossom into motherhood. The journey of motherhood isn’t always easy, but it is undeniably fulfilling and so beautiful.

    After I had my son, I found myself dreading my work and completely heartbroken that he spent more time with his daycare teacher than he did me. I rebelled against the idea that I had to ask for time off because my son was sick and needed me. 

    But everyone told me that I had a "good job?"

    No. A better balance is possible. 

    I am here to clink a glass with all parents and take a stance that balance is possible. Life is too short and our children grow up too fast to be slave to a job that provides little to no flexibility for life, let alone doesn't lite your heart on fire. 

    Let's link arms and be the example of strong, perfectly imperfect parents, embracing the chaos of parenthood while setting our boundaries around the thing that we love the most. 

    Thanks for being here and showing interest in my brand baby. 

    Hope to connect with you soon!

    - Ashlee K.


    p.s. I often refer to motherhood because I am a mother and identify as she/her

    - but I stand with all modern families, whatever that looks like.