At Tiny Human Print Co., we exist to nurture and inspire the mental well-being and creativity of young children. We believe that the foundations of self-esteem, self-worth, and kindness begin in early childhood.

Through our empowering art prints, positive messaging, and thoughtful products, we aim to create a world where every child feels valued and confident.

We are committed to supporting children's mental health and social-emotional learning, ensuring that each piece we create not only brightens a room but also uplifts a young mind.




1% of every purchase supports children's literacy and empowerment programs. 

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Ashlee Kinsella owner of Tiny Human Print Co.

Tiny Human Print Co. was born on August 1, 2019, in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, after my son kept calling me by the name of his daycare teacher instead of "mommy." What started as a way to balance motherhood quickly turned into a passion for empowering children to believe in themselves, enjoy learning, and be kind to one another.

At age two, my son struggled with severe social and separation anxiety, to the point of having physical reactions to stress. To help him manage his anxiety, I focused on teaching him mental health concepts in a way a small child could understand. We practiced daily affirmations, celebrated little ways of being brave, and colored pages with positive messages that sparked meaningful conversations.

Seeing how these simple practices helped my son overcome and cope with his anxiety, I developed a deeper passion for providing kids with the social-emotional tools they need to navigate life and be their best selves. Life is too short, and our children grow up too fast to be held back  by insecurity and anxiety.

Thank you for being here and showing interest in Tiny Human. This business is my heart and soul displayed out in the open, so it truly means a lot for you to stop by and show your support.

Hope to connect with you soon!

- Ashlee K.


C is for Chicago Art Print over newborn baby crib in nursery room