Thank you for your interest in the Tiny Human Influencer Program! This Program is our way of partnering with other mothers who have extraordinary tiny human(s) who are wanting to update their nursery, bedroom, or playroom/home learning space while helping expand our brand.


As A Tiny Human Ambassador/Influencer:

You can choose:

  • Up to three (3) unframed complimentary prints of your choice, in size 8x10 or 11x14; and/or
  • The choice of one (1) canvas banner, milestone card pack, or sweatshirt; and
  • 30% off any additional product outside of the above.

In exchange, you will be required to provide at least three (3) high quality unedited images and three (3) high quality unedited videos, share one (1) feed posts (a still image or video), as well as one review on our website and ongoing engagement with Tiny Human Print Co. social channels.

  • The detailed photos or videos must showcase the product(s) displayed in a child's nursery, bedroom or playroom/learning space.
  • Any images and videos must be high-quality and taken in bright lighting, and may have to be edited. Imaging that does not meet these standards may be requested again.
  • Ambassador agrees to provide content to Tiny Human within 14 calendar days of receiving product for review and pre-approval prior to posting.


Commission of Sales:

Tiny Human will provide Ambassador with a unique code to offer followers a 20% off discount to shop on Tiny Human will pay Ambassador a 20% commission on the sales derived from that discount code within 30-days of the Ambassadors post.


How to apply:


To apply, please email us at and introduce yourself!