Grab a free copy of our Together is my favorite place to be"  

Not being able to be with loved ones this year has been extremely hard. Especially during the holidays. Click the image below to get your own digital download so you can print a copy for yourself and print another to gift to a friend or family member who you would normally spend the holidays with.  It's our gift to you!


Free copy of together is my favorite place to be print to gift for the holidays




Free Printable Letter from your Elf on the Shelf

Encouraging your kids to give back while also clearing out some old toys is every moms dream.  Click the photo below to get your free copy of a letter from your own Elf on the Shelf. Simply add the name of the elf at the bottom, fold the paper, and move the elf to a new spot and you're done!  Your kids will be so excited they received a personal letter and will lead to great discussions about donating old toys and giving back to others. It's a win-win, and everyone is happy. 


Free copy of elf on the shelf letter to encourage kids to donate old toys