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planning & Navigating before and after stages of child birth

the full birth plan

From expecting questions to the many surprises and important conversations every partnership should have before bringing home a baby.

your birth plan

You may have taken a birth class or two, read some books and chatted with veteran moms but still, nothing quite prepares you for the real deal.

Spoiler alert: babies have their own agendas and there are a lot of surprises ..

So let’s prepare for that.

From creating your birth plan, knowing what questions to ask your doctor, what to expect right after birth and what the the first 24 hours with a newborn will be like, I spill the tea on all your expecting questions.

you had a baby! now what?

There are a few surprises in the hospital right after you had your baby: from the fundal massage (a.k.a. the worst!) the breast crawl, delaying baby's bath and more, this plan will go over what to expect in the first 24-hours.

Then you get home. How do you navigate visitors and ask for help? How can you and your partner delegate house chores and each navigate the night shift and best support each other?

one of the most important, yet missed parts

partner communication

The weight on either side of your partnership scale will shift from heavy on one side to heavier over on the other, but at the end of it all, it should balance out, bobbing somewhere in the middle.

Let’s talk about ways the non-birth parent can help and how to prevent and resolve sleep deprived squabbles and better adjust to the new role of being a parent.

Worksheets and checklists to print out or fill out digitally to jot down all the things and contain all the parter cnversation topics.