Pink Power Affirmation Pencils


Unleash the Pink Power Affirmation Pencils, a captivating (and super cute) pencil pack designed to ignite the hearts of little girls, inspiring them to dream fearlessly, embrace their innate strength, and craft a life that radiates pure happiness. 


  • A Trio of Pink: a set of three shades of pink - pastel, regular pink, and bright pink. 
  • Uplifting Phrases: Each pencil is engraved with powerful affirmations, such as "Life is your creation," "Anything is possible - dream big," and "Never outgrow your imagination," elegantly printed in gold to remind kids of their boundless potential.
  • Certified Non-Toxic: Made with #2 lead, these pencils are certified non-toxic and adhere to ASTM D4236 standards, ensuring the safety of our little dreamers. 


  • Inspire Creative Minds: Research has shown that positive affirmations enhance creativity and self-belief, making our Affirmation Pencils a wonderful tool to nurture a child's imagination from an early age. Benefits:
  • Spark Self-Belief: By using these affirmations daily, children develop a strong belief in themselves and their capabilities, laying the foundation for self-confidence and resilience.
  • Create a Positive Environment: Encourage a supportive and uplifting atmosphere by celebrating the power of positive self-talk and affirmation in your child's life.

Gift the young dreamers in your life our Pink Power Affirmation Pencils and watch them blossom with confidence and self-assuredness. With every stroke, they'll be reminded of their potential to create a world filled with endless possibilities.