Self Love Coloring Packet | Start A Daily Routine Of Affirmations for Kids


As a parent, it's difficult to nurture a confident mindset in children. We don't always know what to say or how to motivate our children to keep going with a "can-do" attitude. 

Confidence stems into so many facets of our lives; decision making, problem solving, taking initiative, stepping into leadership, believe in ourselves .. and so much more. 

The Self Love Challenge is a 7-day coloring packet with daily tasks designed to kickstart your child's journey towards self-confidence. 

From brushing teeth to affirmations and mirror high-fives, this challenge is as easy as ABC and fits seamlessly into your busy morning routine – taking just 60 seconds each day. 


1. Print the pages: treat this like a 7-day advent calendar, where you pull out a new page each morning. Print them all, then set them aside.

2. Color: as you make and eat breakfast, let your kid(s) color the days page. I encourage you to turn on some music, and keep the TV off. The combination of creating while listening to music will stimulate your child’s little brain, create a positive and relaxed space, and help them retain the messaging.

3. Do the Challenge Task: after brushing teeth, have your child stay in the mirror to do the challenge task. Every day has some sort of affirmation or positive thing to say about themselves, followed by a high five. Each task will only take 60 seconds!

If they can reach the mirror to physically high five their reflection, that’s the best! They can also air high five or slap their hand. The science and research behind high fives is powerful so I highly encourage them physically high five their reflections!

This Challenge is Perfect For You If:

Your child wrestles with anxiety or shyness.

You're eager to introduce a playful routine that nurtures mental well-being. 

Your little one loves to color and create.

You believe in the power of self-love and want to empower your child from an early age.

Join the movement of mindful parenting and let's equip our children with the tools they need to shine bright, inside and out. Together, let's raise a generation of self-assured superheroes who believe in themselves, one mirror high-five at a time!