Free valentine printable for kids classroom. You make me feel happy. Simple. Modern. Happy feelings. Happy faces. Love yourself you're awesome

In true Tiny Human Print Co fashion, I wanted to create some Valentine's that help tiny humans connect to themselves.

For kids, I love celebrating this made up day-of-love holiday talking about loving ourselves, doing kind things for the people that make us feel good, and have a "special dinner" as a family.  And "special" meaning heart shaped pizza and cookies. 

And let's be honest, most of the options at Target are cheesy and not cute. Snag our FREE Valentine Printable for an easy parent win. 

Simply print it double sided

Cut them into squares

Add your kids name

+ tape whatever candy/toy to the back 

I suggest printing these out on thicker cardstock paper so they feel sturdy, but regular printer paper will be just fine!

You can grab a few cardstock sheets on Amazon (Like this one) to print at home, or just send it into your local print shop/CVS/Walgreens to have them print it. 

Tell them you want it printed double sided on 110lb cardstock (matte or glossy, whatever you like better).  

Click HERE to snag your free copy

Free Valentines for kids classroom. You make me feel happy. Love yourself. Kids Mindfulness

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