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Practicing a daily attitude of gratitude can be a powerful way to bond and build mindfulness in your littles . It doesn't have big ideas and concepts. In fact, finding things to be grateful for in your everyday life with your kids is actually best. Here are ways to take a look around with your children to help identify simple things to be grateful for:


Scavenger Hunt Ideas:

  • Find one thing outside that you love
  • Find one thing in your room that makes you happy
  • Find one thing that smells good
  • Find something that tastes good
  • Find one thing that is your favorite color
  • Find one thing you enjoy looking at
  • Find one book that you like to read
  • Find one thing that is useful for you
  • Find one thing that reminds you of someone you love
  • Find something that you can cuddle
  • Find a toy you enjoy
  • Find one thing that you find beautiful
  • Look at someone you are grateful for
  • Listen to something that makes you happy!

We hope you all enjoy searching around for the things you are thankful for, and know that we are thankful for you and your support!

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