The short list of must have products for after birth and newborn baby

It can be extremely overwhelming when you start to think of all the things you'll need for your first baby. The first time you physically walk into a baby store and see aisles and aisles of baby products that you're told you'll need - or seeing mile long sample baby registries that would require a small fortune to afford it all. Truth is, you hardly need all of that in the first few weeks.  Here are a few must-have products for you and baby in the fresh early days to hopefully simplify the process or reaffirm advice you’ve heard from your other mom friends.

For you, Mama:

  • Nipple Cream, nipple cream, NIPPLE CREAM: How are people not talking about nipple cream as much? Nipple cream is a complete life saver and necessity or the early days of breastfeeding.  I personally used and love Earth Mama
  • FridaMom Breast Care Products: FridaMom’s #SprayItForward video is the most real breastfeeding video on the internet. They are a great resource for preparing women for what to really expect after giving birth.
  • Stool softener: because the first few trips to the bathroom will be terrifying and you can use all the help you can get.  The key word here though is softener - try it out beforehand if you don't have a trusted one that works with you.  Running for more bathroom trips is the last thing you need post-birth. 
  • Pads and Witch Hazel Pads: for the first couple days after giving birth (c-section included) you'll have to wear this monstrous size pad that is honestly hilarious the first time you see it. The hospital should send you home with some, but you won't need that after the first few days. Grab some of your normal pads, and line up 3-5 witch hazel pads along the center and press that cool baby against you for a little vagina hug. 

For the tiny babe:

  • Nose Frida + Windi: You'll get quite comfortable with all the bodily fluids. From tiny colds to teething babes, this snot sucker is so much easier to manage than the old-school bulb. The Windi is also amazing if your little one is fussy from gas .. for you can’t remember the last time they went #2.
  • DockATot: The hype is real. This magical sleep lounger is life changing and anything that helps baby sleep is a win in my book.
  • Diaper Cream: Every little tush is different. Keep trying until you find one that helps diaper rash within 24-48 hours. We tried a million and stuck with the classic A&D; both Treat and Prevent.
  • The Hatch Sound Machine: I love that you can control it remotely and have timers that change the lights and sounds to signal waking up.
  • mamaRoo Baby Swing: It feels a little pricey, but again, it's an investment in your sleep (and baby's sleep) that is a total win in my book.
May 17, 2021 — Ashlee Kinsella

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