Blog post for How to Set up a Nursery. A photo of a gender neutral nursery. The walls are beige, the chair is light pink and the furniture is white. There is an art print that has the letter K on it as well as a personalized name.

How to Set Up a Nursery

It's time to set up your nursery! Step one in setting up your nursery is to take a deep breath. Everything about becoming a new mother can add up and make this time feel stressful. After collecting your thoughts and taking your deep breath, it is time to start with the nursery!

You can start simple with a color palette and general theme. A popular nursery trend right now is neutral colors, rainbows, and forest or woodland décor. Some nursery themes from our collection that we adore are:

Forest Adventures
Little Feminist
ABC's 123's
Kindness Collection

Next, we need items for the baby. These items might come from your registry or a fun shopping endeavor. Nursery items such as a crib, sound machine, night light, changing table, diaper caddy, rocking chair or recliner, and so on will depend on the space you have as well as your preferences. In our nursery, we added an air filter and humidifier because our house was 100 years old. Keep in mind each space will require different items.

Then comes items for the caretaker. If you are a breastfeeding mother, you might need a nightlight and a place to feed. In our nursery, we used the Hatch sound machine that has nightlight features and a family heirloom rocking chair for feeding. A portable caddy for diapers, wipes, extra pacifiers, teethers, nursing pads, snacks for momma is also a great help for a breastfeeding mother. If you are bottle-feeding, the caddy comes in handy for extra bottle storage as well as the diapering and comforting essentials.

Lastly, keep in mind you can always make changes to your nursery after the baby comes! Have fun with the process of decorating your little one's space, and make sure to have it feel comfortable and cozy for the caretaker as well.

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