art print size and configuration recommendations for decorating baby nursery room, kids bedroom or playroom

Let's start with the basics: the basic sizes. 

From smallest to largest: 

8x10: do you have a notebook laying around or a printer at home? Standard notebooks and printer paper is 8.5"x11" .. shave off a half inch off the width and an inch from the length and there's your 8x10. 

11x14: is the most common size our customers order.  It will fill up a little bit of wall space, but won't completely take over the space. Do you have file folders for all your birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc.? 11x14's are a smidge larger than a file folder. 

16x20: The perfect statement size. This size will surely stand out in your instagram posts. If you have a good amount of wall space, this size is the perfect choice to fill in that blank space. 


 size guide for artwork in baby's nursery room, kids bedroom or playroom.


Hanging a single print

Personalized Irish baby blooms name sign with mermaid girl power art print

Hang a single print (vertical or horizontal) over the crib, changing table, side table, toy organizer, etc. Personalized name signs and your favorite empowering pieces are a good choice for this configuration. 

We recommend sizes 11x14 or 16x20.


Hanging side by side art prints:

 Hanging a set of 2 or 3 art prints side by side. Abstract rainbow art print with matching name sign and set of 3 alphabet, numbers and shapes wall art for playroom.

Depending on the amount of open space on your walls, do a set of 2 or 3 art prints side by side and hang the frames about 1 inch a part.

You can do any size with this configuration and 11x14's are usually a safe size to choose if you truly have no idea. 

One Large with Two Small Art Prints

Hanging one large art print with two small art prints in baby nursery room, kids bedroom or playroom

Choose one 11x14 and two 8x10's

- or - 

one 16x20 and two 11x14's

Stack a Set of 4 Art Prints

How to stack a set of 4 art prints. Surf theme artwork for baby nursery room, kids bedroom or playroom.

Hang each frame about an inch or two apart.

For this configuration, we recommend sizes 8x10 or 11x14.

Choosing a Canvas Banner Size

Choosing a canvas banner size for kids playroom wall decor.

Our Cool Kids Club Canvas Banner is our best seller. 

Parents and tiny humans love the messaging, and it's neutral to go with any aesthetic. 

The large size (24x36) will act as a statement piece and take up a good amount of space (it's just shy the width of a crib). The smaller size (18x24) is still a statement, but one that also blends in with other things going on. 

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