The Full Birth Plan

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There's a lot that goes into bringing a child into the world.

Women are constantly surprised at the random (yet routine) things that happen during child birth as well as all the whacky side effects that postpartum brings. 

"No on told me!" is far too common of a statement among new moms, and it's got to go!

This Full Birth Plan helps first time parents plan and navigate the ALL of the before and after stages of child birth and postpartum. It'll be like having coffee with a veteran mom whose spilling all the details only other moms talk about and sharing you a few angles on what you can do when it comes your way.

Birth and motherhood come with so much uncertainty, even for the ones who plan ahead and think they're ready. There's just way too many weird, whacky and hard things that very few people talk about - and those are the things that catch us off guard the most! This Full Birth Plan covers it all. 

Step into motherhood with more confidence by knowing what to expect and what to do. This plan encourages you to trust your own intuition, be confident in asking/delegating help, and the inspiration to do it all your way.

Then there's a private Facebook Group for you for when you need advise or have questions. 

Here's what's inside the 72-page Full Birth Plan:

Chapter One: Your Birth Plan:

  • all the information you need to prepare your birth plan. 
  • tips on how to prep the house
  • questions to ask your insurance provider
  • questions to ask your doctor, by trimester
  • what to pack in your hospital bag
  • signs labor is starting
  • what to eat and drink during labor and delivery, and your first after-birth meal
  • what to do if you deliver in the car?!

Chapter Two: You had a baby! Now what?

  • skin-to-skin with baby
  • what to do with the placenta and why some keep it
  • delayed chord clamping
  • what is the fundal massage
  • vaginal tearing 
  • complications and weird after-birth things that can occur
  • the first 24-hours
  • delaying baby's bath
  • when to start pumping
  • after-birth questions to ask your doctor

Chapter Three: Coming Home

  • Navigating visitors
  • Establishing kind boundaries
  • Asking for help
  • All things related to breastfeeding
  • What going to the bathroom will look like
  • Interesting postpartum side effects
  • Navigating night shifts with the baby
  • Delegating household chores

Chapter Four: Partner Communication

  • Ways the non-birth parent can help
  • Resolving sleep deprived squabbles
  • Adjusting to new roles
  • Tension talks
  • Checking in with each other
  • Baby blues & Postpartum depression
  • Keeping score, but not
  • Delegating the mental load
  • Staying connected

Chapter Five: Getting Into Routine

  • Baby schedules
  • Potential complications
  • More postpartum side effects
  • Going out in public
  • Your 6-week checkup 
  • Inspiration to trust your instincts


Private Facebook Group:

Google can be a deep dark hole of all the worst case scenarios if you’re researching any symptoms. While doing your own research and making your own informed decisions comes with the need to Google, it’s also helpful to ask another fellow mom about their experience and what worked for them. Moms are always a wealth of knowledge and when you find the ones that you click with, their advice and experiences can be so incredibly helpful. 

A private Facebook group comes with the guide so you can connect with other new moms and ask any of your burning questions.