November Cool Kids Club Pages | Fall & Thanksgiving


Novembers Cool Kids Club is a focus on body positivity and gratitude, but with a social-emotional, play-based aspect. This packet includes 10 empowering coloring pages and simple activities for kids to get creative, build confidence, practice fine motor skills and be exposed to social-emotional messaging.

Kids can color, paint, cut, paste these simple activities (parents choice of mess!) All activities are done in true Tiny Human fashion, which is to spread good vibes, nurture self-expression and spark curiosity, all while tapping into early childhood development skills through creativity and play.

10 Coloring Pages & Activities:

  • Emotion Puppets: Help kids express and talk about their feelings. Color/draw in emotions & glue to a popsicle stick. A quick history lesson can be given saying the natives weren't treated very kindly, so how can some feelings relate to how they felt? Play puppets while asking kids questions about what their feeling. Play-based therapy is all about getting kids to communicate their feelings and difficulties by playing through something, like a doll, action figure, etc. Kids can pretend that "the doll" feels this way about this, and that way about that... 
  • Thankful For My Body: A body positivity coloring page to counteract kids hearing adults say "I feel fat" "I ate too much" "I won't eat for a week!" etc. Take this one with you to your Thanksgiving dinner to also remind the adults to be thank-FULL for their bodies, too. 
  • (2) Small Pattern Coloring Pages: for the bigger kids who want a little more of a challenge, these pages are sprinkled with positivity and thanksgiving designs. 
  • Mood Meter: A preschoolers introduction to a mood meter to help develop self-awareness, empathy & understanding. Hang up the colored version on the fridge and let your child choose their feeling when they express it. There's also a coloring page for them do to on their own. You can also cut out the squares and glue to popsicle sticks to have on hand for when big feelings come up. 
  • Thankful Turkey: grab a brown paper lunch bag and talk about all things you're grateful for with this classic fall craft. 
  • Mindful Fall Walk: Find the items you see and pause for a moment to soak it in. Help kids practice mindfulness and the power of presence with this cute simple checklist.
  • Grate-Ful: Color or paint (parents choice of mess) then glue on pasta, beans, etc. As you craft away, talk about what your kids are great at and thankful for. Build confidence, self-recognition and humility. 
  • Tic-Tac-Toe: a fun way to practice making smaller letters and learning about strategy. Another great page to take with you to your Thanksgiving dinner to let the kids show Aunt Edna some tic-tac-toe skills. 
  • North Pole Pen Pal: is your beloved Elf on the Shelf making it's annual return? Have the kids write a letter to their elf to express their feelings and practice writing. For the younger ones, parents can write the letter for them, and they still get all benefits of talking about feelings and writing a letter. 

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Perfect for Kids Ages 2-5

If you are a parent, teacher, church youth group leader, a nanny/sitter or a homeschool parent, this is perfect for you.

You can save each file and endlessly print all the pages you need to keep tiny hands busy. 


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  • Paper lunch bags
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Glue (glue sticks are a less-mess for littles)
  • Scissors 
  • Crayons/markers/paint (parents choice of mess!)