The *FREE* Maternity Leave Guide


- Know what questions to ask your HR department about your employers maternity leave policy;

- Fully understand the Family Medical Leave Act;

Know if you're eligible for Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave, how to navigate your filing and what to budget;

Other resources to turn to for if you are not covered under FMLA;

When to add baby onto your medical insurance;

How to get your baby's birth certificate; 

Know your pregnant and postpartum rights and how to ask for accommodations (The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (June 2023) and The Pump Act (Dec 2022)


THIS IS A DIGITAL E-BOOK, nothing will be mailed to you. Upon purchase, you get immediate access to the 26 page PDF guide to save and/or print yourself. 

The information contained in this guide is not legal advise and is subject to change based on legal changes made by the United States Government. It is your responsibility to fact check and do your own research. Tiny Human Print Company LLC is not liable for any misunderstanding of this information. It is intended to be a helpful resource to navigate maternity leave.