Our Top 5 Nursery Design Trends For 2021

As we’re constantly researching and gathering design inspiration, we thought it might be helpful to share some of our findings! Whether you’re an expecting mama or veteran mom, here's our top 5 trends we found helpful for designing a nursery or kid’s room in 2021:

1. Incorporate green and earth tones.

Expect to see a lot of warm greens and earthy tones this year! Thankfully our Forest Adventures Collection is a great option that includes these color palettes with over 16 prints to mix and match.

Forest and Woodland Nursery Wall Art


2. Mix traditional and boho styles.

As we look for comfort in the familiar after the chaos of 2020, we are seeing a lot of nurseries that incorporate a mix of design styles. We love how so many of the inspiration pictures we see aren’t classified so simply as “Oh, that’s a traditional nursery!” We see people bringing in macramé and boho touches to a board and batten accent wall. If there’s anything you take from this blog post, it’s that you shouldn’t be afraid to mix and match whatever your little heart desires!

Boho Nursery Design Ideas Wall Art


3. Bring the outdoors inside.

Not only do the green and earthy tones trend reflect the outside world, but houseplants are yet again featured prominently in nursery designs this year. While indoor plants are always ideal, some of us (ahem, me) have a hard time keeping them alive so we must resort to the next best thing: plants featured in the art!

woman with infant twin babies in nursery room

4. Find inspiration from around the globe.

While we’ve missed traveling and exploring this past year, we are taking the wanderlust inspiration to the next level by incorporating it into prints, photos, books, etc. Now is the time to talk to our little ones about our travels pre-pandemic and dream about where you'll travel to next.

Safari Nursery Wall Art

5. Splurge on statement light fixtures and accessories.

Bold accessorizing creates a space that is more personal and can truly transform a room. Upgrade your boob light to a fun statement light fixture to truly tie in your nursery or playroom theme.

Nursery Design Inspiration Wall Art

We’re always searching for the next best thing with nursery and kid's rooms trends. Comment below or tag us in your nursery pics to give us some inspiration as we build out future collections!

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