9 Tips for Decorating Your Nursery

It’s easy to get lost in the Instagram world of perfect #NurseryInspo pics only to find yourself with 500 saved images and no clue where to start. The overwhelming amount of things that babies come with can surely put you in a head spin! Should I get a bassinet in addition to the crib? Where will all of the other stuff in this room go once baby is here?

I can’t be the only one who was searching for tips during my pregnancy-induced insomnia. Below are a few tips that helped me prepare for my two nurseries!

1. Decide on a focal point.

What’s the center of your room? A crib against an accent wall? A cozy reading nook corner? Just like a painting needs a subject, every good design needs a focal point or specific area or item of interest that serves as the anchor of your design.

2. Create storage.

You can never have enough storage when it comes to kids! Blankets, stuffed animals, toys, books, all take up more space than you think. There are so many cute storage options that you can mask the clutter in adorable storage baskets and bookshelves.

3. Choose furniture wisely.

Go with a furniture that will easily match with a lot, and in a color that can hide stains well (I'm looking at you, glider chairs). You’ll want to pick something that will convert to toddler-friendly furniture as well! Like a changing table that becomes a regular dresser.

4. Two words: washable wallpaper.

Especially if you have a boy, you’ll quickly learn why. Thankfully our wallpaper options are all washable and easy to clean should any messes occur!

5. The art makes all the difference.

Pick art that is not only beautiful, but meaningful to you. We hear from mamas all the time that our best-selling RBG Dissent Collars print has been perfect for their little girl’s nursery or playroom because it is fun to talk about all of the great things RBG did for women. It’s inspiring and will grow with your little feminist as she grows.

6. Incorporate touches from people who love them.

Especially if you live far away from friends and family, I recommend adding elements that bring your loved ones into the room, like antiques, childhood toys, photos, or even fabric swatches that remind you of your childhood.

7. You don’t need everything to be nursery or baby-specific.

You can usually find relatively inexpensive, stylish versions of dressers, lamps, and storage bins that aren’t labeled “nursery”. Don’t be afraid to use other items in your house for the nursery too! I took my old organizing Ikea shelves to make a bookshelf for the nursery as well as an old lamp for a night light.

8. Don’t hold back.

If you want to go cutesy, now is the time to do it! They’re only babies for a little bit, so enjoy that precious time while they can’t complain about your choices in décor.

9. Don’t beat yourself up.

O the flip side of #8, babies don’t care what the nursery will look like. Babies don’t need much room and they truly won’t care if their room is HGTV-ready. They care about eating, sleeping, and pooping. If your nursery isn’t Instagram-worthy, I can bet you 1 million dollars that your baby sure is!

Did I miss anything? Tell me in the comments what helped you prepare your little one’s nursery!

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